Thủ thuật tạo Facebook GrowthHacking


Here’s a quick recap of all the 18 Facebook ad hacks mentioned in this post:

  1. Write a magnetic ad headline
  2. Create an irresistible value offer
  3. Present social proof
  4. Master the art of FOMO and urgency
  5. Use high-quality ad design
  6. Create colorful and contrasting ads
  7. A/B test lots of different ad images
  8. Create carousel ad campaigns
  9. Use videos instead of images
  10. Always add subtitles to video ads
  11. Create attractive landing pages
  12. Create a separate landing page for each campaign
  13. Keep the ad frequency under control
  14. Rotate your ads
  15. Emphasize the emotions
  16. Keep your ads simple
  17. Align your ad design with your branding
  18. Spice up your ads with emojis

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